Regional Centre for Lighting


The research proposal has been already prepared and it was discussed with Electrical Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa.

 Electronic ballasted lamps and led lamps are becoming extremely popular all over the world at an alarming rate. The impact ofelectronic ballasted lamps and led lamps on the power quality is widely studied and it has been already found that they have influenced badly on the power quality. In this research we will study the impact of power quality on the modern electronic ballasts and the led drivers. Power quality issues like under voltage and frequency oscillations are common in rural and sub urban areas in the island. The impact of these power quality issues on the performance and the life span of the abovementioned devices is not yet thoroughly studied in the South Asian  region. It is planned to identify the major power quality issues in the system and study the behavior of the electronic ballasts and the led drivers under each identified power quality issue.


Presently, public invest significantly on electronic ballasted lamps and led lamps in the perspective of energy conservation.The prices of electronic ballasted lamps and led lamps are relatively high at present. Although leds have emerged as a highly energy efficient lamps, there are issues with their reliability. The leds are claimed to have life span of 25,000-50,000 hours. It is being recently found that most manufactures state the lumen maintenance period of the chip (L70) as their life span. However, the driver which is highly susceptible to power quality issues may fail prematurely well within 25,000-50,000 hours. These issues are to be addressed in this research.

It is essential for the above devices to have comparatively longer lifetime and non-decaying performance over the lifetime to make the investments fruitful. Life span and the performance of the lamp are highly contingenton the behavior of the ballast or the driver which it drives.