Regional Centre for Lighting


Photometric and electrical parameters testing of all lighting products.


Regional Centre for Lighting (RCL) has a well equiped photometry laboratory with a trained staff for testing. RCL undertakes testing of photometric and electrical parameters of conventional lighting products and solid state lighting (SSL) products. At present, minimum performance criteria has been enforced on all imported CFL products by Sri Lanka Standards Institution. All CFLs have to meet the requirements of SLS 1231 and SLS 1225. RCL undertakes the role of testing of the imported CFL samples for their compliance with abovementioned SLS standards.

Moreover RCL undertake testing of LED products as per LM 79. Although, not any performance standard developed in Sri Lanka for LED products, LED assemblers or LED importers can test their products at our facility to assess their performance. So far, many LED dealers have used our testing facility.