Regional Centre for Lighting


Photometric and electrical parameters testing of all lighting products.

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Lighting Designs for Interior and Exterior Spaces

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Consultancy from LRC trained professionals in RCL.

Consultancy services can be provided on lighting design aspects, energy efficient lighting in cases like retrofitting.

Seminars and discussion forums


 Training on lighting design and simulation softwares like Dialux and AGI 32, will be provided. Moreover tailor made training programs and courses can be conducted to your organization or institute if your requirements are conveyed to us. It is planned to commence  post graduate courses and certificate courses on lighting. The starting dates will be announced shortly and course registration can made through the website.

Come up with solutions for lighting related issues through researches.

Researches can be conducted by RCL staff or even with collaborations with local universities, industries to find solutions for lighting related issues. Funding for these researches may be from sponsorships from industries and other donor agencies.