Regional Centre for Lighting

The publications include recommendations for LED life definition, testing and measurement, best practice guides for
different lighting applications, and recommendations for selecting LED lighting.

ASSIST recommends methods call for testing products under conditions similar to those found in the application environment, where the light source could experience many different temperatures and may perform poorly as a result. Testing products by intended application also allows for apples-to-apples comparisons of product performance because test methods have been developed from a technology-neutral standpoint. ASSIST recommends publications are developed under the guidance of ASSIST sponsors using research conducted by the Lighting Research Center (LRC).

Download ASSIST recommends Publications to date:
Vol. 1: LED Life for General Lighting – Revised August 2007
Vol. 2: Under-cabinet Lighting – March 2007
Vol. 3: Directional Lighting – March 2007
Vol. 4: LED Light Engines & Integrated Lamps for Decorative Lighting – Revised April 2009

Vol. 5: Refrigerated & Freezer Display Case Lighting – November 2008
Vol. 6: Outdoor Lighting – January 2009
Vol. 7: Parking Lot Lighting – January 2009
Vol. 8 Companion: Parking Lot Luminaire Calculator
Published with the permission of Lighting Research Centre of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute